3,200 solar panels installed on the factory roof in Nybro, Sweden.

Working sustainably is essential. LINTEX is constantly engaged in improving its environmental profile. Today the manufacturing is energy neutral through the use of geothermal heating and some 3,200 solar panels installed on the factory roof in late 2019, producing 1.1 million kWh annually. Solar panels and geothermal heating together contribute as much electricity and heat as the factory actually uses. The system is durable and can carry on supplying green energy for decades to come. All products are manufactured by people with good working conditions and pay.

By controlling the production, LINTEX can decide which raw materials and processes to use from a sustainable perspective. But also, the design itself have to be long-term. Better-designed products last longer from an emotional standpoint and can be reused in new environments. If a product survives from one office to another its environmental footprint become substantially lower. Great design and durable quality are never out of date.

LINTEX work closely with the Swedish reference and labelling system Möbelfakta and the Sunda Hus Environmental Data system. LINTEX is also ISO 14001-certified.

Photos: Brendan Austin